Best way to speed up your slow running Android Smartphone

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Best way to speed up your slow running Android Smartphone

Reasons behind the Slow Speed Android Phone

First of all it is very important to know what problems occurs during the life cycle of your smartphone device. Let’s make a list of it.

  • Lot of junk files and cache
  • Many of unnecessary application install and uninstall
  • High graphic games crashed
  • installed multiple fake cleaner applications
  • Install applications only for checking purpose
  • Unnecessary browsing
  • Thousands of hidden unnecessary files exist in mobile
  • Background applications process mostly slow down your Android phone

Above is the common list to find out what are basic problems in smartphone faced by users.

First of all it is very important to have in mind that there are millions of devices or running in world. Millions of users are using Android phone technology and the demand of high speed mobile phones is increasing day by day.with the passage of time devices are upgraded and have lot of new features as well as up higher processor and RAM in it. To meet the challenges of the world different countries has produced innovative and stylish mobile phones. Android technology has been upgraded with the passage of time. In previous versions it is common to have different lags and bugs. There are different companies have hired it experts to manage software problems of mobile phones.

different users notice that after sometime the Android phone getting slower day by day. The Android user has claimed that with installation of different applications their phone getting slow or stucked sometime. it happened in all type of platforms operating systems it is not related to specific version or operating system.

Let’s find out, could really applications slow down the mobile phone.

Yes application good slow down operating system because the applications start updating time to time. The applications are updated have used more resources of operating system. This type of consumption impacts on wide range of ram resources therefore mobile phone start working slowly.


  1. Check your mobile phone all apps and find out which application is consuming more ram and sources of operating system.
  2. You may need to remove such bad behavior applications who heart the speed of the mobile phone.
  3. mostly video applications like TikTok videos are such applications used for editing software consumed lot of sources because of their bundle of features.
  4. The games are one of the major problem in our mobile phone that consume a big bundle of ram and operating system show the less games leads to less consumption of resources.
  5. Unnecessary Whatsapp Massages chat conversation and the most important videos which are consuming your memory but you actually don’t know at all.

Is Default Applications could harm mobile phone speed.

general public doesn’t aware with the updates of Android operating system built in apps. Nobody think about the size of applications and the sources consumed by built in applications. in initial versions of Android phones the customers have complained about Facebook and other applications which are already installed in the phone. This old version operating system consumes lot of memory as the updated their operating system and update their applications which are already installed in it. Let’s find out how could you save your resources consumed by updates.


if you see the consumption of Ram and CPU Resources, you will definitely say Oh My GOD. here is permanent solution by following simple steps.

  1. Simply uninstall updates of built-in applications which are normally not used.
  2. try to find alternate applications of built in which are consuming less sources of Ram. E.g Facebook Default app vs Facebook Lite
  3. Play Music players mostly not used by android users they install different players e.g Max, extreme player
  4. Sound Recorders, FM Radio, Notes, Weather it use rarely by public but updated time to time so many updates finally become reason of lower memory resources.

To keep your mobile phone clean and speedy you need to uninstall updates to those applications which you think does not made for you.

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