Causes of Acidity Problem and best solution

Acidity is one of the major problems of our human beings. We always have issues with our bodies. Acidity is one of the major problems. There are different causes of acidity, of major cause of acidity is eating spicy food. Consumption of spicy food react Badly on our stomach.

There are different causes of Acidity.

  • Less Sleeping
There are many causes of Acidity which leads to Acidity problem. Less sleeping is one of the major problem of the acidity. There are many problems which destroy the mechanism of circle of our sleep.
    1. if you have many problems in life and tensions it will definitely effect your sleeping.
    2. if your bills are not paid then you may not sleep due to tenshion.
    3. if you have relationship problem, you may lose your loving time into fight.
    4. if you are not getting married and getting over age, it will destroy your comfortable sleep.
    5. if you are over weight and worried about your health it also effect your sleeping circle.
  • Tea
    1. Tea having various type of problems in it. like nicotine in it.
    2. it mostly have staining problem of teeth
  • Spicy Food
  • Chip
  • hot food
  • irregular eating

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