Do and Don,t for Bridals one week before wedding



DO: Get a massage, or pamper yourself in your favorite way


DO: Start packing. Get your wedding day emergency kit together


and organize your wedding accessories into a bag.


DO: Start breaking in your wedding shoes, if you haven’t done so


already. Make sure to use comfort insoles to prevent blisters!


DO: Get your vendor tips together into envelopes. Then, entrust


a family member to hand them to vendors on the day of.


DO: Write your spouse-to-be a love note! And if you’re doing gifts


DON’T: Get a haircut or dye your hair. Especially if it’s a look


you’ve never done before.


DON’T: Get dental work done. You just never know what could


happen and you want your smile looking normal on the big day!


DON’T: Go tanning. whether it’s in the tanning bed or a spray tan


Now’s net the time to be burned or orange


DON’T: Get your face waxed, unless you’ve done it a thousand


times before and know how your skin reacts


DON’T: Use a new facial product. Breakouts and random rashes


suck and you want to be feeling beautiful.


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