how to apply lipstick properly tips

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how to apply lipstick properly tips

lips are not only play important role in speaking style but also help to boost the beauty of our daily life. there are many type of fashion and styles there are limited stylish fashion which help us to understand about fashion.women get help of lipstick to increase the beauty of the lips.lipstick not only effect on the lips beauty but it also effect the look of all the face.Therefore it is very important to know about proper way to put lipstick on face.There are many things that you always keep in mind before pasting lipstick on your lips.

    • You Must Use moisturizing before using lipstick
    • wait few seconds till lips become wet.
    • use foundation now

due to usage of foundation lipstick will stay more then natural time. keep your hands smooth and it should not vibrate otherwise it i will effect the cleanness and perfection.

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