Mehndi Skin Burning Shocking Reason (Problem resolved)

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Mehndi Skin Burning Shocking Reason (Problem resolved)

There are many girls complaining skin burning problem after pasting Mehndi on their hands. People are shocked how it is possible that Con Mehndi destroying your mehndi skin. Henna Skin problem is one of the common problem these days.

What are Major Causes of Skin Burning these days.

1. Skin Burn due to Indian Con Mehndi

One of the Major reason of skin burning is due to Con mehndi Quality. There are different labs in Lahore made some tests regarding these con mehndi material and found shocking information regarding Con Mehndi.
Those who buy Indian Con Mehndi
Indian Con Mehndi is found acid based material which burn skin due to high level of acid elements skin starting burning and damage hand tissues as well as arm.
 Solution is :


2. Do not Buy Arq Con Mehndi 

Many of girls complaining burning of skin due to Arq Con Mehndi, some of information regarding these cases were collected and made a research on few samples that shows Local Con Mehndi supplier desire to get High results of color so the producer of Con mehndi make acid mix Arq Con Mehndi and try to include fragrance in hands that react as perfumes are working as acid in these Arq.
Results :

3. Solution of Con Mehndi Burning Skin Problem  

Skin burning due to Con Mehndi is very common these days. These days skin specialist are normally suggest a tube which required to paste on burning area on skin overall where is skin effected. The Tube name of …. Please consult to your doctor in case you have allergic problems. A video is also shared for home users that can instantly shut downs the burning of the hands.
Best Resulted Tube for Skin Burning due to Mehndi 
Please consult with your doctor in case you have other type of allergies on your body and paste only this product on effected area.  Dermovate – NN Ointment 20 Grams or 10 Grams
Instant Burning Solution for Home Users. 

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