Problem of one way relationship

Problems are part of life, we always learn from difficulties but it is very important to know how to handle these problems in such matters. 
It is very important to know the feelings of your friend or lover, it is normally seen that you like his/her and didn’t tell him at all. You show too much interest in one person but he did not respond you in the same way. It is known as one way relationship.

Is it really like that what you think about him/ her.

It is very important to know that the person to whom you like also a gentle and kind person as you think about him. It is very important to get full details of other person not to go on face and beauty of the person because face is face not a perfect element to measure the person is really good and having all the things you think about him.

Should you really tell him about your feelings.

It is better to know about the person because you have to decide your future with him. It is very important to get full details and to know the attitude of the person is really acceptable. It is very common to see the person is very good but after long relationship it is observed that you made many mistakes before choosing your partner.


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