Where is Recent option Microsoft Word 2016?

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Where is Recent option Microsoft Word 2016?

With the passage of time, people are moving toward the latest world. There are millions of users of Microsoft word who daily use the Microsoft Office for different purposes, like Office, Sales Points, Stock, Emailing, Study, and many more,

[su_box title=”Features of Microsoft Word”]Microsoft is working hard to provide the latest features to facilitate the users to work more efficiently. Therefore, latest features having new capabilities and some features are extremely productive. You can perform different tasks e.g Marks Sheet, Cash Memos, Invoices, Letters, Emails, merge Email.[/su_box]

Some of Problems are also occurs to new users like these days people using Microsoft Word 2016 having some problems to find the features and options that are interconnected with other options.

Are you looking for Recent Option in Microsoft world?

Here you can find it easily. You just need to calm down and follow steps

Click on File Option

Click Open Option

Hurrah, Next you will see Recent Option.

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